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I frutti del Paradiso

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Biological agriculture

The farms in the park's area, mainly family business, offer to the consumer high quality products. biological productionAmong many, one of the most prestigious is the " Aziendamaintenance Agricola Cozzarelli" which is a point of reference for small animals' breeders, and it produces biological fruits in the area of Trecastagni, whose quality is certified, and where the activities are compatible with nature conservation. Respecting the typical landscapes of the area of the park, the farm makes, in the existing handmade, interventions of ordinary maintenance and conservative restoration, to preserve the building structures necessary for the fund management (warehouses, storages, tools, tanks, baitas, etc. mushrooms
The park authority has defined a list of edible species in the woody area, whose aim is to make out a set of rules for the mushroom's pickers. The farm "Cozzarelli" follows the politics of maintenance of the agriculture-zootechnic activities, aiming to guarantee and protect the natural environment and the landscape. Etna covered by snowThe method of biological production, used by the farm, characterizes the healthy products, the environmental protection, and the care of natural area.
The cherry trees, typical of the area, make a real garden. The cherry's garden is situated at the edge of the wood; in the bush and in wastelands grow woody strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, gooseberries, strawberry trees, and rowan trees.
Along the paths, the cherry's plants appear very impressive, especially at the time of flowering, when many white flowers cover cherry's garden up the branches. Among the autochthonous variety, stand out the "Mastrantonio" typical of the area; also the farm has got the best variety as the famous "Clingstone cherries", the "Starking h. Giant", the "Napoleons", the "Sweets of Vignola", the "Giant Cherries of Pistoia", the "Bigarreau moreau"; which are real fruits of paradise.
During the blazing hot summer, we find other fruits, like apple trees, pear trees, kakis, black mulberry trees, fig trees, figs and cheese!!hazels, walnut trees, plums, the best variety of nectarine peaches, azarole trees, asparagus, grape Italy; all of this situated at the edge of the chestnuts and oaks woods. In the fresh and deep land of siliceous nature, in sunny and sheltered areas, grows the "bread tree"; this was the ancient name.
The chestnuts were the main course of the Etna population instead of bread and meat. The "castanea sativa miller" or simply the chestnut tree, it is pear trees flowersassociated with the arrival of the autumn, when you can smell the penetrating and characteristic fragrant of roast chestnuts sold in the street corners.

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