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Paola Torrisi


Small antique trade



This section is dedicated to artisans, to those who realize in small workshops unique and rare pieces using antique methods. The famous Italian " handmade": fabrics, and various materials. They are unique objects for the typology of manufacturing. The requests can be done by e-mail: Packing and carrier charges are at the buyer's expenses. The payment can be done in advance in the current account that the artisan will specify.

Table strip, decorated: painting on fabric - fine chain embroidery, handmade, linen. Dim. 55cm. x 1,70 m.
Baby carriage sheet, 100% linen, hand painted. Dim. 75cm. x 100 cm. Pillowcases: dim: 35cm. x 25cm.
Linen pillowcase, hand painted, dim: cm.30 x 30 cm.
Mixture linen table strip, hand decorated with pastels for fabric. Decoration: vine-shoots. Dim: 1,90 m. x 55 cm.
Kitchen tea cloth in pure cotton, with coloured edges, various shades, and hand painted. Dim: cm.55 x 70 cm.
Set of towels, pure linen, hand painted with permanent colours, subjects on request. Dim: cm.60 x 100 cm.
Mixture linen table strip, hand decorated with pearly colours indelible; subjects: fruit and flowers. Hemstitch trimming. Dim: 65 cm. x 2.00 m.
as above
Linen table strip, hand decorated with Christmas decorations; fabric colours indelible. Chain-stitch decorations. Dim: 50 cm. x 160 cm.
T-shirt in cotton, hand painted with fabric colours indelible. Machine washable 60°. Different sizes are available.
Scarf in silk, hand painted with permanent silk colours. Artistic reproductions. Dim: cm.40 x cm.150
as above
Tablecloth with twelve napkins, pure linen, hemstitch trimming; hand painted with pearly fabric colours, naturalist subjects. Dim: cm.35 x cm. 35
as above
T-shirt in cotton hand painted, fabric colours indelible. Different sizes are available.
Broad sash in pure silk, different colours; completely decorated with crystal, baguettes, corals and sequins; floral subjects on request. Dim: cm.12 x cm. 140
Polo-neck sweater in wool, different colours, decorated with sequins, corals, crystals and baguettes. Naturalist subjects or else on request.
T-shirt in mixture cotton stretch or pure cotton; different colours. Hand decorated with sequins and corals. Floral subjects on request.
Top in cotton; different colours. Hand decorated with crystals. Floral subjects on request. Different sizes available.
T-shirt in cotton stretch, embroidered by hand with sequins, corals and crystals. Different colours, subjects and sizes are available.
T-shirt in cotton stretch, embroidered by hand with sequins, baguettes, crystals and corals. Different sizes available.
Waistcoat, top and sandals; different sizes, patterns and colours; hand decorated. Waistcoat: in wool, enriched by the edge of marabou, decorated with baguettes and crystals. Top: hand decorated with synthetic small mirrors, different colours. Sandals: lists decorated with sequins. Different heel sizes are available.
Bikini decorated with sequins and corals; different colours, patterns and sizes.
- Sandals hand decorated with sequins, different sizes and patterns.
- Top in cotton stretch with different decorations: small pearls, baguettes and crystals. Different sizes and colours are available.
Egg-shells, completely hand painted with oil paints, watercolours, tempera colours and enamel. Enriched by flowers made of fabric, sequins and salt dough. Minimum two pieces.
Various objects (garlands, baskets, breadbaskets, etc.) made of salt dough. Hand painted and decorated.
Stained glass; transparent colours or opaque, edged with false lead or gold. The work is realizable on any glass or mirror proposed by the buyer. Various sizes. Made in the territory of the Etna's park. Cost to agree depending on decoration.
Sicilian puppets. They are unique pieces, with epics and knightly subjects, handmade by art masters, in articulated structure of soft wood. Clothes made of cotton or silk velvet; cloaks decorated with sequins and corals. Colourful feathered of marabou. The armours are embossed by hand on copper or brass. On request the armours can be in silver leaf.
The faces of the different characters are realized in hand painted wood. The puppets are joined to two metallic staffs that allow the animation. The minimum high of the marionettes is 80cm. (staff excluded). Delivery: 90 days for each piece. The price depends on the chosen material to emboss. Info:
Round frame, completely covered of sequins and crystals. Various decorations. Different sizes available starting from 15-cm. diameters.
Garland, completely covered of sequins and crystals. Various decorations. About 25-cm. diameters.
Duck, completely covered of sequins and crystals. Various decorations. About 12 cm.
Egg, completely covered of sequins and crystals. Decorated with geometrical or naturalist subjects. Minimum size cm.17 diameter, cm.8 height.
Set of four hearts, with or without hook; completely covered of sequins and crystals. Various decorations. Height 5 cm.
Little heart paperweight completely covered of sequins and crystals. Various decorations. Height 5 cm.
as above
as above
Découpage and painting on trunk.  
Wood picture frame. Decorated and antiqued. Floral motif, various dimensions; Starting from   
Plastic covered Synthetic handbag with metal frame. Decorations: Fun & Funcy relief.   
Small metal box with cover. Various forms and dimensions. Decorations: découpage and antique varnish.
Styrofoam hearts. Decorative cover of wax, pearls, and wire mesh. Various sizes.
Paper macé egg. Fun & Funcy relief. Various colours and sizes. Starting from   
Styrofoam eggs. Completely covered with glitter and coral. Various sizes.

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