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Small animal breeding

Another distinctiveness of the farm is the breeding of small animals as pets. In 1969 the doctor International recognitionsGiuseppe Torrisi established the "Cozzarelli's Breeding", recognized in 1973 from the F.C.I. (Federazione Cinologica The RiesenschnauzerInternazionale) situated in Thuin, Belgium, which recognizes the official standards of the different breeds suggested by the nation of origin. The Breeding was forerunner of the selection of schnauzer black giant dogs, a breed of dogs with strong personality, Etna's ski schoolappeared in Germany after the 1900.
Originally the riesenschnauzer was used as watchdog and after for defence. On the Italian rings, Cozzarelli had many recognitions, and from the breeding came out champions all around Europe, Zwergschnauzer puppiesincluded Germany. Thanks to the sacrifices, abnegation and passion of its founder, the breed was diffused very quickly, even in the foot of the Etna, and many lovers undertook the breeding; so that the Siberian Huskypatrimony, that cost years of hard work and sacrifices, did not go lost.
Another splendid dog, small but strong, that was breaded by the Cozzarelli's breeding was the "Zwergschnauzer" black and pepper-and-salt; that for its intelligence, courage, resistance and supervision was nicknamed "fearless". Even if not with the same care given to the schnauzer breeding, lot of passion wasHuskies working given for the An Husky familyimprimaturs to many puppies Siberian Husky breed; the famous husky dogs that even in the Etna, near the ski's school, have been admired by the lovers of this breed . The Siberian Husky is considered a likeable companion for its intelligence and docility, apart for being a hard worker.
In the farm, we can consider permanent even the many feline colonies that succeeded during the years. Another peculiarity of the farm is the breeding of dwarf rabbits, a pet Feline colonydesired especially by kids. Dwarf rabbitMany races are breaded with selection methods very strict, like dwarf ermine, steined dwarf, marten, lion's head, hotot, white of Vienna, small chinchilla, russian, fox, jan eith tawny markings, dwarf aries, angora, rex, dwarf californian, alaska, english spotted dwarf, dutch. Estimations for quantities, can be request at the farm that can send everywhere.

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