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Antique wine cellar

"In the wine I want to suffocate the dolour.
At the wine I ask to bring down
in the tired eyes, consoling, the sleep"


Few, rare bottles, great wines from the past aged for more than thirty years, form the Antique Wine Cellar Cozzarelli. The well aired cellar, dark, free of vibrations and shakes, confer an ideal environment, distant from noises, with a temperature between 12 and 18 degree, and humidity not superior to 40-60 %. The rich wine cellar has, also, hundreds of great sicilian wines of recent crops, available on request. Next to antique bottles of wine, better described, exist in the casket of the wine cellar:

  • Historic Barolo-reserve Castellina 1955;
  • White Chiaramonte Gulfi (sicilian) 1955;
  • Barolo - reserve Mascarella 1961;
  • Great Merlot 1964;
  • Pinot grey and black 1967; Raboso 1964; spanish, french, ect;
  • Seghetti and Panichi 1968;
  • Barolo 1964/1973;
  • Barbaresco 1968.

All of them with "Controlled Denomination of Origin" are offered singly on request. Just the antique bottles are sold to the best offered. They travel insured with express carrier (charges at the buyer's expense). The farm can give more details for each bottle requested. Before the possible sale, the farm can show the product; in any case it is not possible to return the goods sold. The payment can be done, only in advance by bank transfer in the account that the farm will specify. For information:

There's the list. (Please, click the name to see  original labels.)

  1. Bianco d'Alba - produced in the area of Piovesi d'Alba - located in Cascina Podio and Bric Paradiso by the Azienda Vitivinicola "Carretta" in 1967. Unique bottle produced from grape "Favorita", "Pinot Grigio" and "Riesling Italico".
  2. Nobile di Montepulciano - produced by the Cantina Sociale Montepulciano in 1964. A ruby colour wine tending to amber-coloured emphazided as years go. Only one vintage bottle.
  3. St.Magdalener - produced by the Casa Vinicola Anton Lindner - Alpiano (BZ) in 1966. The species of vine of the S.Maddalena are composed of Schiava Gentile, Schiava Grigia, Schiava Meranese and in small part of Lagrein. Only one vintage bottle.
  4. Vermentino della Gallura - produced by the Cantina Sociale del Vermentino - Monti (SS) in the area of the communes of Monti - Telti in 1968. Only one vintage bottle.
  5. Vernaccia - produced in 1964 in the area Bassa Valle del Tirso between the communes of Baratili S.Pietro - Oristano - Zeddiani - Solarussa - Riola Sardo - San Vero Milis by the Cantine associated Carta - Meloni - Perda s.r.l. of Baratili S.Pietro. It is classified among the first wines of regime. It tolerates long periods of ageing. Only one vintage bottle.
  6. Tocai - produced in 1966 by the wine grower Luigi Valle - Buttrio in the hilly area between Torre and Judrio (focal point of the typical production of Friuli). Only one vintage bottle.
  7. Chiaretto Riviera del Garda - produced in 1968 in the hills of the commune of Lonato and in the commune of Bedizzole in the south side of the Lake of Garda - by the Azienda Agricola Drugolo - Lonato (BS). Only one vintage bottle.
  8. Roccarosso - produced by the Azienda Agricola Sciarra in Acquaviva Picena (AP) in 1967 in the hilly area of Acquaviva Picena. Aged in rare durmast barrels. Only one vintage bottle.
  9. Cirò - produced in 1963 by the Cooperativa "Cirivin" in Cirò Marina (Catanzaro) in the communes of Cirò - Cirò Marina - Crucoli, in the districts of Brisi - Feudo - Difesa Piana - Vallo - Pitaffio. Only one vintage bottle.
  10. Rosso Dell'Oltrepò Superiore - produced in 1967 by the Azienda Balestriere in Casteggio (PV) in the hills rising above Casteggio between the hamlets of Castelfelice - S.Biagio - Convento Romito. Only one vintage bottle.
  11. Rosso Castel del Monte - produced in 1963 by the Cantina Corato (BA) in the area of Andria - Corato - Canosa and Ruvo di Puglia near the medieval castle built by Federico of Svevia in the XII century. Only one vintage bottle.
  12. Greco - historic wine from Calabria produced in 1967 by the Azienda Agricola Fr.lli Maisano in Bianco (RC). Only one vintage bottle.
  13. Falerno Rosso - produced in 1966 by the Cantine Cenatiempo - Formia (LT) in the coastal strip that goes from Campi Flegrei to Formia. The species of wine from which is obtained the Falerno Rosso are: the Aglianico, the San Giuseppe Rosso, the Negroamaro, and the Falanghina. Only one vintage bottle.
  14. Bianco Colli Etruschi - produced by the Consorzio Produttori Agricoli of Viterbo in 1968 in the area Alto Lazio - Colline della Tuscia. In this strong and genuine wine, there is the entire Etruscan world, people that more than anybody knew how to appreciate the gifts of life. Only one vintage bottle.
  15. Barbera - produced in 1970 in Val Tiglione, which comprises the communes of Montercelli, Belvoglio, Castelnuovo Calcea, Vinchio, Cortiglione, by the Cantina Sociale di Monbercelli and neighbouring countries. Only one vintage bottle.
  16. Meleto Rosso (Chianti) - produced in 1966 in the Colline Val d'Elsa - Granaiolo (FI) by the Fattoria di Meleto property of Marchese Ghelli Luserna di Rorà Canevaro. Only one vintage bottle.
  17. Barbera di Castel S.Lorenzo - produced in 1968 by the Cantina Sociale di Castello della Valle del Calore, between the communes of Castel S.Lorenzo, Bellosguardo, Aquara, Felitto, Roccadaspide, Castelcivita, in the river Calore valley, in the district of Salerno. Only one vintage bottle.
  18. Chianti - produced in 1970 by the Vecchia Cantina di Montepulciano (SI) in the hills of the communes of Montepulciano, Torrita di Siena, Sinalunga, and Chianciano. The Vecchia Cantina was established in 1937, one of the first in Italy, and the first one to be established by six agriculturists in Tuscan. Only one vintage bottle.
  19. Monte Giove - produced in 1966 by the Cantina Cenatiempo - Formia (LT) in the communes of Terracina, Monte S.Biagio, and Sonnino. The lovers of this field have always put in pre-eminence all the wines that this firm has produced. Only one vintage bottle.
  20. Groppello - red superior of Riviera del Garda - produced by the Cantine of Girolamo Frassine s.p.a. in Moniga del Garda in 1967. Only one vintage bottle.
  21. Santa Chiara - produced in 1970 by the Azienda Agricola Santa Chiara of Cervaro (FG) in the Pianura della Daunia between Foggia and Cerignola, in a territory of about seventy hectares. Only one vintage bottle.
  22. Tuscia - produced in 1970 by the Consorzio Volontari Produttori Agricoli of Viterbo in the area of Alto Lazio - Colline della Tuscia. Only one vintage bottle.
  23. Breganze Rosso - produced in 1970 by the Cantina B.Bartolomeo Da Breganze - Breganze (VI) in the volcanic hills which are buttress in the south of the Altipiano di Asiago, in the communes of Breganze, Fara, Mason Vicentino, Sarcedo, Marostica and neighbouring countries. Only one vintage bottle.
  24. Monica di Sardegna - produced in 1970 by the Cantina Sociale di Dolianova (CA) in the hills of Parteolla - Campidano di Cagliari. Only one vintage bottle.
  25. Majana - produced in 1969 by the Azienda Agricola Vitivinicola "Leone de Castris" - Salice Salentino in the communes of Salice Salentino and Veglie (LE). It was produced in limited quantity because the grapes were subject to strict selection and the ageing required great care. Only one vintage bottle.
  26. Carrateddu - produced in 1972 by the Cantina Sociale Europa di Trapani in the territory of the Valle del Belice and of Delia. It is a wine of old origins produced from the traditional species of wine from Trapani, Catarratto, with a small percentage of Inzolia and Grecanico.Just very little parcels of Carrateddu come out in each grape harvest. Only one vintage bottle.
  27. Sangiovese di Romagna D.O.C. - produced in 1969 by the Casa Vinicola Luigi Baldrati - Lugo di Romagna, in the hills of Romagna between the districts of Forlì and Ravenna. Only one vintage bottle.
  28. Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Cerasuolo - produced in 1971 by the Vinicola Di Prospero s.p.a. in the Valle Peligna. Only one vintage bottle.
  29. Chianti - produced in 1971 by the Tenuta di Corfecciano di Novello Parri _ Montespertoli (FI) in the hills of the communes of Montespertoli. Only one vintage bottle.
  30. Grauvernatsch - produced in 1971 by the Casa Vinicola Antonio Lindner - Appiano (BZ) in the commune of Appiano. The Grauvernatsch come from the species of wine Schiava Gentile, the most prestigious species of wine of the Schiava's family. It seems that in Alto Adige the Romans brought this species of wine. Only one vintage bottle.
  31. Dolcetto di Ovada - produced in 1971 by the Cantina Sociale Terra del Dolcetto - Ovada (AL) around the area of Ovada. Only one vintage bottle.

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