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Rural buildings

The reclamation of traditional rural buildings inside the "Etna's Park", it is considered an important economic and cultural resource. Whether they are modest buildings, or they are handmade of historical importance, they want to testify a former past that is still living. The architecture of the Etna area is born in a contest extremely articulated, because of the several cultures that passed by this place.
The lava stone is the building material that characterizes some monumental typologies and rural handmade.
The plastering with mortar of red gravel and lime is typical of the architecture of the Etna area , and for its nature of volcanic detritus, it has the property of compactness. The dry-stones of lava stones, typical of the area, more that being a system of terrace-cultivation, they want to be the way of privatisation of the fields and protection for vineyards and cattle.
he vineyard landscape, that has got the same fabric of the Etna hilly centre, is built with hundreds of cellar-houses, rural or elegant, smaller and poor the first ones, more imposing the seconds. Many rural buildings of the late Middle ages, have an original structure, associated later to farm with millstones, cellars, storages and wood, around small vegetable gardens and courtyards.

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