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I frutti del Paradiso

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Welcome to the "Fruits of Paradise"

A unique, mythological place that the ancients used to identify as the forge of Volcano and Cyclops. A natural park established in an area of fifty nine thousand hectares. Amongst the many beauties of this area, almost uncontaminated, people move in the fold of its millenary history, rich of old legends' charm, and glorious deeds. The little village's lanes, take to open places that overlook cherry and pear gardens, or the volcano's green crown.

This is mount Etna. A young volcano born six hundred thousand years ago, it had just come out from the water of the Ionian Sea when the ice age started.

This PORTAL does not want to be an "omni" work about the Etna; but it just want to emphasize all the energies that the place and the people can express. The work is composed of two sections; one cultural and the other one dedicated to new economy. It is divided into ten segments labelled by subject, where everyone can "surf", consult or just get surprised and delighted of "the Fruits of Paradise". In this PORTAL, we will see, the contributions given, by the recent institution of natural park, for the protection of typical plants, flora and fauna of the Etna area.

The resources offered by some agricultural initiative, and the compatibility with the natural environment, like products' picking, protection of woods, handmade articles, cultivation and breeding. The craft made pearls, unique of their kind, offered, especially from some young people, inside this territory, greatly anthropic, while respecting the historical- cultural patrimony of international level.

Finally, following the modern healthy instances that suggest using biological products, in the last segment of this PORTAL, we will see how the good cuisine of traditional typical plates and international ones, is associated to good taste.

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